Istanbul Autoshow 2017 opened its doors

Istanbul Autoshow 2017, opened its gates to its visitors for the 16th time, this year under the theme “Take a Close Look at the Future”. Between April 21 and 30, 2017 all visitors are offered a chance to take a close look at the technologies of the future at Istanbul Autoshow 2017 at TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center.
Much anticipated by automotive and technology lovers Istanbul Autoshow 2017 opened its doors under the theme “Take a Close Look at the Future”. Istanbul Autoshow 2017, organized by the Automotive Distributers Association (ODD) between April 21 and 30, 2017 at TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center, where technology of today and the future will be exhibited, hosts Automotive Distributers Association (ODD) member automotive brands operating in Turkey as well as technology, innovation, informatics, accessories and side industries, Non Governmental Organizations and media institutions.
“Media and VIP Day” organized on April 20 as part of Istanbul Autoshow 2017 was opened by Vice Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Hasan Ali Çelik; Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy, Dr. Tarık Sönmez; ODD Chairman, Mustafa Bayraktar; ODD General Coordinator, Dr. Hayri Erce; TÜYAP Board of Directors Chair, Bülent Ünal and TÜYAP General Manager İlhan Ersözlü. At the opening of Istanbul Autoshow 2017, Vice Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Hasan Ali Çelik; Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy, Tarık Sönmez, cut the ribbon to launch the show together with managers of TÜYAP and ODD.
Vice Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Hasan Ali Çelik: We consider this show as a research center, a school.
In his speech at the opening ceremony of Istanbul Autoshow 2017, Vice Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Hasan Ali Çelik said: “Automotive sector, being one of the most important sectors in Turkey, continues its role as the engine of economy with its export target of 27 billion US Dollars in 2017. Turkey’s global integration is now complete. We continue to work intensely to have a voice in the world economy. The price of Turkey’s automotive export is 7 Dollars per kilogram, while this figure is about 10.5 Dollars in the world. We want to be able to increase our share in the world,” and continued, “Automotive sector now talks about electric automobiles, they work towards that target. This will be the road we will be taking, both for emission purposes and to meet the needs. Today at Istanbul Autoshow 2017, we are able to see the automobiles we dreamt of 20 years ago. We consider this show as a research center, a school; it opens up our horizon. We have been providing considerable support for R&D centers for some time now. Today we have about 450 R&D Centers. But we are not contented with it and will work even harder to ensure new steps to be taken.”
Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy, Tarık Sönmez: We provide tailor made R&D support.
Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of Economy Tarık Sönmez took the stage at the opening ceremony of Istanbul Autoshow 2017 and said: “Components used in the manufacture of automobiles are now produced in Turkey. There is considerable domestic production related to private vehicles and commercial vehicles. We have also covered a considerable distance regarding investment incentives. We have two different ways to support R&D works. One is a type of support provided for general R&D investments and the other is tailor made supports. We have investment support instruments that we design together with the applicant. In the upcoming period, we will witness a significant increase in production and exports.”
ODD Chairman Mustafa Bayraktar: We have given the event a new dimension.
In his opening speech at Istanbul Autoshow 2017, Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) Chairman Mustafa Bayraktar said: “The total market of Turkish Automotive Sector in 2016 was 1 million 7 thousand 857 units. Total production of the sector in terms of units produced increased by 9% to reach 1 million 486 thousand and exports increased by 15% to become 1 million 141 thousand 382. Our export value increased at a ratio of 12% to reach 24 billion 250 million Dollar.
These figures are recorded in a year with an intense country agenda that could impact consumer choices and purchasing decisions. In 2017, we estimate some contraction in the domestic market compared to last year.
Expansion and contraction trends in the automotive sector are closely related to general economic trends and activities. Automotive sector is a real locomotive considering the other sectors it drags along. Therefore, there is much to be done regarding our sector to sustain, maintain and improve the development in or the size of the domestic market. To be able to keep the demand alive, economic growth is of great importance. There are also other problems awaiting solutions. Primarily, aged vehicle pool is still an unsolved, chronic problem of our sector. This has a significant impact in our economy in general and current deficit in particular. There are many companies from the Far East that are selling spare parts for the old model cars that are still in traffic in our country. These are responsible for a considerable current deficit as well as its impact on environment and public health. We are importing components with no future from Far East. This has a significant negative impact on current deficit as well as public health.”
Mustafa Bayraktar continued: “Today, brands spare huge resources to exhibit their new models at fairs and to meet with consumers, but our old car problem remains. Due to long term impact fossil fuels have on earth, automotive sector has to proceed towards being environmental friendly and catch up with new technologies.
As you see, technology changing at the speed of light started to appear in new cars and new applications in automotive sector. That is why we see Autoshow fairs changing shells. I assume that, in a not too distant future Autoshow fairs and consumer electronic fairs will approach each other to a point that they almost unite. As with the other Autoshow fairs, Istanbul Autoshow too is getting ready to host technology shareholders of the automotive world.”
TÜYAP General Manager İlhan Ersözlü: Istanbul Autoshow 2017 is the biggest automotive organization in our region
TÜYAP General Manager İlhan Ersözlü took the stage at the opening ceremony of Istanbul Autoshow 2017 and said: “We are hosting the biggest automotive organization in our region. The theme of Istanbul Autoshow 2017 is ‘Take a Close Look at the Future’. All participating companies brought models that are compliant with the theme. We know that, technology and automotive companies will be more engaged in the future. At this fair, we gave it a start. This year, a total of 120 brands participated the fair. At Istanbul Autoshow 2017, we aimed at creating a living space that that would offer a pleasing experience to all family members.
Newest, award winning concepts of the world are at Istanbul Autoshow 2017 
Automotive brands at Istanbul Autoshow 2017 are exhibiting their new models as well as concepts that give a hint of the technologies they will adopt in the future. At their stands, automotive brands will also present the customers electric and hybrid automobiles with outstanding environment friendly features as well as smart vehicles with pioneering technology towards autonomous driving.
One of the most popular topics in the world automobile agenda, autonomous driving, is one of the major topics at Istanbul Autoshow 2017. Self – driving cars will soon be a part of our lives. Many automobiles already present semi autonomous driving technologies and many of such vehicles are exhibited at Istanbul Autoshow 2017.
Automotive and technology trends of today and the future are at Istanbul Autoshow 2017
Istanbul Autoshow 2017 invites participants to meet with technology of today and tomorrow. In this year’s fair organized under the theme “Take a Close Look at the Future”, companies that have invested in technology, that operate in the field of technology as well as automotive companies, will have important shows. While innovations in “Integrated Communication Solutions”, “Autonomous Driving”, “Environment Friendly” and “Smart Cars” will be exhibited at Istanbul Autoshow 2017, the visitors will have the opportunity to experience aspects that will soon become a part of their lives.
At Istanbul Autoshow 2017 technologies providing solutions between automobiles and mobile instruments are expected to receive visitors’ attention. Smart phones, tablets and mobile internet have become an integrated part of our lives and latest developments regarding their integration with automobiles will be reviewed at Istanbul Autoshow 2017.
Istanbul Autoshow 2017 will welcome visitors of all ages
In partnership with main sponsor Shell&Turcas, insurance sponsor Generali Insurance and event sponsor,Istanbul Autoshow 2017 will open its doors to welcome isitors of all ages. Istanbul Autoshow 2017 licensed products will be available at “Autoshow Store” so you can purchase souvenirs that you will be using for years to come or give them away as gifts. From the special area named “Instawall” within Istanbul Autoshow 2017, you will be able to post on social media. The children’s “Event Area” will be a place where young visitors will have pleasant time allowing parents to take a rest.
Take a journey to the past at Istanbul Autoshow 2017
In line with Istanbul Autoshow 2017 motto “Take a Close Look to the Future”, technologies that are expected to become a part of our lives will be exhibited but the past will not be forgotten! Classic automobiles, each more valuable and special than the other will meet with fans at Istanbul Autoshow 2017. Dozens of classic automobiles will be exhibited in an ambiance coherent with the era they are from allowing a journey to the past. 
Free entrance in weekdays and special entrance fees at weekends for women and for students
Istanbul Autoshow 2017, organized between April 21 and 30, 2017 at Tüyap Fair and Convention Center in Beylikdüzü will accept visitors between 12:00-21:00 on weekdays and between 11:00-21:00 at weekends.
Istanbul Autoshow 2017 entrance fees will be 10TL in the weekdays and 20 TL at weekends. For women, entrance will be free in the weekdays and 10 TL at the weekends. For students, entrance will be free in the weekdays and 5 TL at the weekends. TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center has closed and open parking areas with a total capacity of 6.100 vehicles that will be available for Istanbul Autoshow 2017 visitors. Those who are willing to visit the exhibition with their private vehicles shall keep the TEM highway taking Mahmutbey tolling point and exiting at Bahçeşehir-Avcılar, then continuing in Beylikdüzü direction to reach TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center. For those coming from Edirne direction shall exit at TEM-Hadımköy tolling point and find TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center on the right at 7th km. Those coming to Istanbul Autoshow 2017 from the Anatolian side shall take the Eurasia Tunnel and after the coastal road, use the E5 (D100) line to reach the fair center in about 45 minutes.
Throughout the show, there will be free shuttle service to TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center. Shuttle service to the show from Atatürk Airport will be at 11:30 and 13:00, from Kadıköy Port at 10:00 and 11:00. Shuttle service from TÜYAP Fair and Convention Center to Atatürk Airport will be at 18:00 and 20:00, to Kadıköy Port at 18:00 and 19:00.
For those who are willing to come to the show using public transportation may use Metrobüs line from Söğütlüçeşme or Zincirlikuyu or take Marmaray-TÜYAP (76K) or Silivri-TÜYAP (300) buses.
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About ODD:
As of 2017, Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) has 30 members representing 47 international brands. ODD’s vision is to ensure continuity and development of the sector by increasing land vehicle ownership in Turkey, and its mission is to represent its members at all areas in line with their interests, to meet the requirements of the sector, to develop solutions for problems, to accurately and reliably evaluate and communicate sector data, to mold public opinion and to actively contribute to development of sector related legislations. Through efforts of the association, recognizing the benefits of shows to presentation of the automotive sector to masses and aiming to ensure continuous development of the sector, Istanbul Autoshow was included in OICA’s International Shows calendar in 2006. ( ODD also supports many local automotive shows.
About TÜYAP:
In Turkey, with establishment of TÜYAP in 1979, fair organization sector became a subject in the agenda of the country as a regular commercial activity. Since its establishment TÜYAP organized 1.465 national fairs and more than 164 fairs at 37 countries to serve 275.913 companies from 114 countries and received 46.399.122 visitors from 179 countries. It is the only private sector fair organization company in Turkey with a fair and convention center of its own. With its 700 employees and long term relations with more than 100 professional associations, TÜYAP Group organizes regular specialized fairs through 6 fair centers it owns and operates in Turkey, 14 offices around Turkey and international offices at 6 countries.
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